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We work every day to enchant your customers with flavors, colors and scents that evoke the sweetest moments of their lives. With 20 years of taste development and analytical experience behind us, using only the highest quality, natural ingredients, we ensure that this taste experience is harmonious, unique and unrepeatable. One that your customers can identify your brand with their eyes closed! Our goal is for the individuality of your brand to be reflected in the flavors, colors and scents as well, and to give customers real emotions. Therefore, with the greatest expertise, care and heart and soul, we research the flavoring components, colorings and aromas that best harmonize with the given raw material mixture. We work exclusively with premium quality, natural ingredients so that you can provide the best to your customers and enchant them with a real taste experience.


Taste Expert
Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Cím: 2141 Csömör, Mogyoródi út 11.
E-mail: sales@taste-expert.hu
Telefon: +36 70 675 69 90


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